You don’t need blocks and components

Blocks are great for customer facing products, when you want exactly what the block is done for. However: As always when you use pre-built components, it’s more difficult to customize them later. So if you want flexibility, better create them yourself, or use very simple UI elements. Using blocks means that you are dependent on […]

Simplify the CRUD

Let’s say you build a CRM. You can have the following: a form with a “validate” button to enter a new contact a repeating group to view your list of contacts a popup to modify each contact   OR, you just use the auto-binding feature in Bubble. You don’t have to create a form for […]

Use URL parameters everywhere

When using reusable elements, it’s much easier to pass URL parameters than creating custom states (in Bubble). In particular, with custom states, you sometimes have to pass data between multiple reusable elements, and it’s a nightmare. URLs parameters don’t reset when you reload the page. So you can share urls much more easily. See this […]