A freelance web developer with a twist

A monthly subscription to develop internal tools for your company.

Building internal tools shouldn't be hard. Let's make it easy!

1. Subscribe and request as many internal tools as you want.

2. Receive updates on your tools every 48 hours, Monday to Friday.

3. I revise your requests until you’re satisfied.

4. Pause your subscription when you want: you’re not locked in!

Features you'll love

100% custom tools, 99,9% of your needs

Say goodbye to SaaS tools that meet only 80% of your needs. Bubble can meet 99,9% of your needs because of its flexibility.

Unlimited team members
Anyone in your company can submit requests and track task progress online. So your internal tools will be developed bottom-up, not top-down.
Developer and product manager
A common problem with freelancers and agencies is that you need to write complete and complex specifications to start a project.
Not here! Just write in your own words, and we’ll shape up the problem together.

Membership benefits

Lightning fast
I use Bubble (no-code tool) to build internal tools.
And inside Bubble, I simplify everything to create simple yet effective internal tools.
So programming takes x5-x10 less time than traditional programming.
And as you are in a subscription, we don’t waste time constantly quantifying the cost of the projects.

Fixed monthly rate

No suprise, pay the same price each month, for 20 hours of work. Don’t worry, it’s more than enough with no-code programming.

If you need more, we can adjust on a case-by-case basis.

Pause me or Fire me when you want

Contrary to an agency, you can cancel when you want.

Contrary to a traditional freelancer or employee, that you can’t really “pause” when you don’t have enough work, here the subscription stops as soon as there is no request in the pipe!

And if you decide to change platform (I only work with Bubble), or recruit an in-house developer, or whatever other reason, I will help you fire me quickly.

Which tools are we going to build together?


Project management

Sales prospecting

Product catalog

Internal discussions



Content moderation

To Dos



Activity scheduling

Industrial planification

Invoice management

Whatever-you-need tool

The pricing is fixed, fair and for all

1200€ / month

What’s included?

  •  20 hours of development / month
  • You own the Bubble app
  • Cancel / pause anytime

Not sure if this is suitable for you?

No worry, 99% people are unsure like you... 🙂

1. FAQ below

Common questions are answered below.

2. Let’s discuss

Write your specific needs in the form below, and I’ll get back to you. We can schedule a call to discuss further.

3. Free for 1 month

By subscribing to my service, you’re already taking the risk to lose your time. That’s enough risk for you! I won’t add up the risk of losing money, so the first month is free!

Interested? Let's discuss


I already use many softwares but I always need to find workarounds because they don’t do exactly what I need. Can you help?

Yes, that’s the major pain point I am addressing. Off-the-shelf software has to be suitable for many companies, so it’s not customized for you.

That’s why you likely need custom internal tools to cover the last mile.

My in-house developers already develop internal tools, why would I need your service?

Developers often takes +30% of their time to deal with internal tools. This time is not spent on your actual software products.

Outsourcing this part of their work would free up their time.

I’m looking for a software engineer, how can you help?

As said above, developers spend a part of their time for internal operations. I can take care of this part, so that your developers can spend their time on something else. So if you’re looking for a software engineer, you can explore this possibility instead.

What’s the advantage of this service over Retool / / other internal tools platforms?

While these platforms are very useful for certain use cases, they are also limited in user interface. Bubble is well-known for its flexibility, that’s why I use it.

How fast can you build my internal tool?

Each project is different, but no-code programming takes about x5-x10 less time than traditional programming.

The key is to narrow the scope and shape up your projects well enough.


Can you import data for me if I migrate from an existing software to Bubble?

Yes, I can take care of the data migration, mainly with tools as or

I want more/less than 20 hours per month of development. Is it possible?

Yes if you need less: you can pause the subscription when you want.

Yes if you need more, but on a case-by-case basis. Let’s begin with 20 hours to see if it is enough.

Do I need to pay the Bubble hosting?

Yes, it is easier to separate the costs of programming, and the cost of Bubble hosting.

Expect it to be about $50-70/month for a lot of use cases.

It will be your own Bubble account.

How happens if I cancel your service?

Your internal tools continue working as usual!

As you own your Bubble account, you can continue developing the app by yourself.

If you only need one internal tool, but with ongoing maintenance, you can pause the service and reactivate it when you need a few things to change.


Can you build internal tools with something else than Bubble?


If you already know Bubble, you know that this programming tool speeds up development by x5-x10.

If you don’t already know Bubble, you can read the Bubble user stories, and read more about Bubble.

I need customer-facing tools. Can you build this?

It depends.

If your customers need to interact with the internal tools (to write messages, to send files, etc.): yes.

If you need a tool just for customers (like a marketplace, a platform, etc.): no.


Internal tools are essential. Learn how to link your workflows together to avoid repetitive (and highly tedious) tasks.

Learn how to build them x20 more efficiently.

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You don’t need blocks and components

Blocks are great for customer facing products, when you want exactly what the block is done for. However: As always when you use pre-built components, it’s more difficult to customize them later. So if you want flexibility, better create them yourself, or use very simple UI elements. Using blocks means that you are dependent on a third-party resources. Use them

Simplify the CRUD

Let’s say you build a CRM. You can have the following: a form with a “validate” button to enter a new contact a repeating group to view your list of contacts a popup to modify each contact   OR, you just use the auto-binding feature in Bubble. You don’t have to create a form for each new contact: just put

Use URL parameters everywhere

When using reusable elements, it’s much easier to pass URL parameters than creating custom states (in Bubble). In particular, with custom states, you sometimes have to pass data between multiple reusable elements, and it’s a nightmare. URLs parameters don’t reset when you reload the page. So you can share urls much more easily. See this complex method, and the solution

Lost in automation? Start here

You’ve convinced yourself that your departement or your company needs to be fully automated? First, look at the big picture of automation possibilities In order to automate, you need to know what can be automated first. That’s why you should take 1-2 hours to search through lists of automations on popular automation softwares. Integromat’s use cases: Zapier’s use cases:

How to calculate the ROI of automation

$273 bn are spent in digital advertising but we don’t even know what the ROI is. $80 bn are spent in SEO with many business opportunities, but even when SEO is highly effective, the ROI is still difficult to calculate. So what about automation, one of those areas where you can be sure it will grow in the coming years.

A central database is essential to automate the right way

We had the names of the projects in 4 different lists. When the company subscribed to a new SaaS, we had to add them one by one. When a new project started, there was an automation to create it on the 3 other SaaS. When we added a new field for all projects in all SaaS, that was a nightmare.